Gratitude at present moment. It takes a sad day to remind us who and what is important.

Family supporting a loved one and remembering gratitude at present moment


Sometimes it takes a sad day to remind us who and what is important in our lives.

Gratitude at present moment. We have all experienced loss in one way or another. Like change, it is an unavoidable fact of being human. Whether it’s a job, a loved one, a relationship, a dream or anything else, loss can be devastating. Death reminds us that life is precious, temporary, not to be taken for granted and that we must focus on gratitude at present moment.

Looking at your situation and your life in new ways, while honoring the way things were might be helpful.  As well as considering these simple truths:

– Practice of gratitude is a great way to stay positive and have awareness of present life.

– Devote time to your current relationships because it is our choices that define our character and bring wisdom.  You will always be remembered by how you made people feel.

– The present moment is where life takes place. We all think deeply about the past and worry about the future. Death reminds us that all we have for certain is right now and reignites our values.

There are simple ways to exercise gratitude and you might even find some health benefits by doing so. Research shows thankfulness can lower your blood pressure, help you live longer, sleep deeply and most of all, connect you with the present moment.

Keep in mind connecting with the present moment will help you notice small things around you and create vivid memories. Why? Because if you remember something from your life vividly, you most likely were paying full attention at that moment in your life.

So make a point to notice small things around you every day. Take deep breaths, acknowledge all the good in your life and be thankful for what you have instead of what you lack.

Because in the end, gratitude at present moment will make you appreciate the present moment, instead of always reaching for something new in hopes that it will make you happier.



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