Personal Nutritionist

LightenUp Lifestyle provides nutritional education as a major component of our lifestyle improvement program
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Eat Real Food

No supplements or pre packaged meals or having to drink your meals! No abstinence from foods. Abstinence will only increase your desire for that food. In the end, learning balance and moderation is key!

Eat With Your Family

Have you noticed traditional “diet” plans ostracizes the dieter who is trying to eat better and lose weight? At LightenUp® Lifestyle, we teach you how to make healthy and nutritious meals for you and your loved ones.
We understand that today, in our fast pace world, eating together is a challenge, yet, not impossible.

Nutritional Guidance

Eating to live or living to eat.

Having a balanced and pleasurable relationship with food is a challenge for majority of us. Many of us eat in a way that reflects how we feel about ourselves deep down inside. Sometimes, we use foods and/or alcohol to self-medicate our feelings with the hope we will feel better about ourselves.

By working one-on-one with a health coach, you will learn how food can make you feel better in a more nutritious and balanced way.

Success at the Grocery Store

Our best and worst eating habits start in a grocery store. These habits are so much more than just shopping around the perimeter. What is bought in a store gets moved to our homes and food in our homes gets eaten.

At LightenUp® Lifestyle, we teach our members how to be a balanced grocery shopper by offering small group grocery tours, where available. The most expensive items, are not always the most nutritious items.

Learn how to be a healthy grocery shopper and help your family make better choices today!

Healthy Food Preparation Methods

Simplicity is the answer. Every meal does not have to be a gourmet feast. At LightenUp® Lifestyle, we teach the importance of nourishing your body in an easy, sustainable manner.

How to dine out successfully

Learn how to make better food choices for you and your family.

Part of a Larger Program

We recognize meal plans and nutritional guidance alone does not make for a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes we have to relieve stress through healthy exercise and find our motivation, which is why every member receives personal training and emotional support, as well.