Advisory Board

LightenUp Lifestyle's Advisory Board is committed to developing a program that improves the health of our members in a sustainable and meaningful way.

With decades of experience, the Advisory Board provide guidance and direction to the LightenUp Lifestyle Lifestyle Improvement Program.

With the primary goal of using today's evidence-based research and guidelines combined with strategies to implement sustainable lifestyle change, LightenUp Lifestyle is the counterbalance to the ineffective quick weight loss, supplement-based, fad diets that exist in today's market.

Nutritional Advisor

Nutritional Advisor

Mary S Cox RD/LDN

Practicing dietitian and nutritionist with over 40 years of experience

Educated at Iowa State University

Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Experience in acute care and long-term care with counselling clients for healthy nutrition practices.

Additional interest and experience in food preparation, menu planning and nutritional coaching to achieve goals.

Medical Advisor

Medical Advisor

Richard Bishop, MD

Over 40 years of Family Practice experience where he emphasized preventive medicine focusing on lifestyle choices.

Believes the vast majority of significant medical issues on a large part brought on by a very poor dietary intake, lack of exercise.

Personally witnessed how his patients, by following his lifestyle advice, were able to experience dramatic improvements to their overall health and would return months later amazed with their improvements.

Program Advisor

Program Advisor

Michael Proffitt, MBA

Over 20 years of experience in corporate leadership development ranging from technology to healthcare to medical device companies.

Experienced in developing effective disease management algorithms.

Certified Health Coach and Physical Therapist.

Developer of the LightenUp Lifestyle Improvement Program.

Personally experienced with the frustrations that accompany unsustainable, fad diet programs.