Behavioral Change

LightenUp Lifestyle provides emotional support as a major component of our lifestyle improvement program
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Understanding the Origin of Your Actions

You start out every program with the best of intentions, however somewhere along the way life steps in. You may have an argument with a loved one or a bad day at work or, conversely, a reason to celebrate. But, in all cases, you go off "the program" only to try and pick up days, weeks or months later. Through our behavior change tools, we can help you understand and overcome these patterns through small goals.

Finding Your Motivation

Every great journey starts with your why. Whether it was working hard on a project for a grade or a promotion or recognition, we always have our reason to succeed.

As it relates to adopting a healthier lifestyle, what is your why? Is it meaningful enough to get you through the hard times? We will work with you to help you discover your why for immediate change and sustainable change.

Private, One-on-One Coaching

At LightenUp® Lifestyle, we understand that changing habits are not easy and we are here to help. Our health coaches provide one-on-one motivational support in a private setting. You do not have to worry about sharing your private experience in a group setting.

Understanding Your Support Network

Your family, friends and co-workers have a tremendous impact on how you live your life. Your health coach will work with you to develop strategies for helping you through the temptations that arise when spending time with others.

Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

Imagine if you talked to others as you talked to yourself. How would those relationships be different? Would they be thriving, mutually respected relationships or would they cease to exist? Our coaches will help you with these internal conversations with yourself so that you can start to rebuild this important inner relationship.

Addressing Stress, Depression and Anxiety

At LightenUp® Lifestyle, your health coach will help you discover the natural linkage between these feelings and increased activity levels. As you start to work on your activity levels, as well as your diet, you will be amazed at how much better you can feel.

Part of a Larger Program

We recognize that behavior change alone does not make for a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes we have to relearn the basics, which is why every member receives nutritional and physical support.