Doctor Recommended Weight Loss Program is LightenUp Lifestyle

Doctor Recommended Weight Loss

After helping several hundred members lose cumulatively thousands of pounds, doctors are relying more and more on LightenUp Lifestyle as their recommended weight loss program. Here are the three primary reasons why we are the doctor recommended weight loss program. No Supplements or Meal Replacement Shakes Sold At LightenUp, we believe a path to a…

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Embracing Anxiety


Our Relationship with Anxiety As a health coach for LightenUp, one of the biggest challenges our members face is addressing the role anxiety plays in our lives. Anxiety can create all sorts of destructive behaviors from paralyzing us in our attempts to move forward to causing us to numb our feelings through excessive eating, drinking,…

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Stop Thinking Weight Loss and Start Thinking Lifestyle Improvement!

Lifestyle Improvement

Weight Loss vs. Lifestyle Improvement Your pants, which you stated would be the last “larger” size you would buy, can no longer take the pressure your waist line is putting on them. The day has finally arrived and you have had enough. You decide this time it will be different. You are going to start…

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Childhood Obesity: It’s Getting Worse And What You Can Do To Help!

childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity and the Associated Risks Based on a recent study issued from the American Academy of Pediatrics, childhood obesity is once again on the rise. Today, about one in three American children and teens are either overweight or obese (source: American Heart Association). Per the researchers, “The past 18 years have seen increases in the…

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Want to lose weight? What are your options?

Congratulations!  You have decided to make 2016 your goal to get back into shape.  Please know that you are in good company as more than 66% of Americans making their annual resolution focus on fitness.  The downside is that by the 7-day mark almost 25% have already given up on their resolution and by the…

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My Personal Weight Loss Journey

“What do you know about weight loss?” *I do dislike writing about myself, but I have been asked repeatedly, “Why are your starting up this kind of business.  You have not been overweight!”  Au contraire mon fraire!  Here is my brief story that’s led me down this path. Childhood Obesity and Me *I was an…

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Be Aware: 5 Weight Loss Red Flags

Weight Loss Red Flags

Be aware of the five weight loss red flags you should look for in any weight loss program. I have heard too many radio ads or seen one too many banner ads on weight loss, so excuse my rant. There is so much information being sent to people who are hopeful that there is a…

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