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Lizzie Weight Loss

Lizzie, this beautiful and strong woman, joined the LightenUp® Lifestyle Improvement Program. She decided to get stronger, lose weight and lower her odds of disease by working with a health coach.

⭐️  She learned how to nourish her body with everyday food and without the need of any shakes or supplements

⭐️ Lizzie became active with the guidance of a dedicated health coach who developed a personalized workout program that met her needs.

⭐️  She achieved long-term success by identifying the roles that matter most to her and by implementing new healthier habits.

⭐️ Now, Lizzie understands the importance of avoiding guilt, shame, scare tactics, and getting away from labels such as “good” or “bad.” Lizzie knows the wonderful feeling of being strong, losing over 40 pounds and gaining freedom of movement and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

LightenUp® helps you focus on constancy and your goals that will turn into long lasting results.

Weight Loss Program


We are so proud our teenage son. Although we’re somewhat healthy people, it was his decision to make a better choice in his life and lose weight, and we supported him, fully. After looking around we found the LightenUp on 144th and I-25. This isn’t a fad diet program. It’s all about long-term healthy eating, proportion sizes, awareness, and exercise. Within 3 months, our son lost 30 lbs, and is still going, and sticking with it. We appreciate their hands-on support, personal mentoring and encouragement that they have given him. He’s a new man…our “littler” man. I also love all of the apps, monitors and high-tech communication support, whether in or out of the facility. The facility is quaint and not intimidating (no massive gym) with all the state-of-the art-amenities. It’s perfect for someone looking for pubic, yet personal, hands-on care. It’s run by a great team – who have had their own struggles and stories to tell you when you join. Thank you. You have not only taught my son, but all of us, as a family, on how to feed and support him, and ourselves better. We could not be happier with our investment in LightenUp.

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Little did I know several months back that the wonderfully passionate, caring and knowledgeable people at LightenUp Fitness would truly set a new and intensely better course for my life when I called asking for help with losing weight and cultivating good overall health. You see, I was nearly 100 pounds overweight and had been suffering the effects of nearly out-of-control type 2 diabetes that is lethargy, fatigue and low/high blood sugar crashes. I had also just come from seeing my doctor who, when asked if he could advise me on my losing weight to curb the diabetes, stated "There are skinny people and there are fat people - it's all about genes. Take your meds and insulin, eat what you want and don't worry about your weight." I am glad this happened because it prompted me to discover LightenUp Fitness. I spoke on the phone that same day to an authentically empathic and responsive personality for at least an hour. She sparked in me the idea that we are NOT genetically determined to be overweight and unhealthy, and that I could accomplish these goals. She was right!!!! I have lost 62 pounds or 20% of my body weight, my blood glucose is stabilized, I am no longer taking insulin and I have gained real health sustaining knowledge that will serve me for my life. Thank you, LightenUp, for all that you do and for making all of this possible!

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LightenUp was recommended to me by my Dr. when I made an appointment to check my thyroid. I had been working out so hard, completely cutting out the carbs in my diet for about 6 weeks.....and did not lose a pound!!! I thought it had to be my thyroid. I was so frustrated to say the least. I was also skeptical of LightenUp and gyms, but I knew I had to make a change as my knees won't let me hike anymore at the moment and hiking is my love and solace. I decided to give LightenUp a chance and am so grateful that I did. A couple of fairly minor tweaks to my diet and now I'm down about 25 pounds. This from the girl who couldn't get the scale to move for over a year! LightenUp is a God send to me and I appreciate the care and community that comes with the membership. The coaches really do invest in your lives and CARE about your well being. It's not a money-making trap.


LightenUp is a perfect fit for me and I'm so glad that I just made the call to inquire! I call it my "one stop shopping" ; physical, nutritional and emotional support from awesome coaches that meet my individual needs- all in one place! I've tried every fad diet for years with no success. Now I'm eating smart, working out smart and have a coach to guide me on the tough days. I hope to complete 2 half marathons this year, my big 5-0!!?! Thank you Lighten Up Fitness! I'm forever changed... so glad I just picked up the phone and called!


If you are looking for change in your life, and need a place to start I highly recommend contacting LightenUp. Hardest part is getting started i know this first hand. I was 440LB back in OCT 31 2016 and i am happy to say i am 65LB down, i am currently 375LB as of may 1st. (6 months)Went from killing myself weight wise to living again. This is no gimmick or some crazy diet gym it’s as real as it gets its using basic health calculations we all learned in school, but never paid close enough attention. Your coach gives you the tools, knowledge and support you need to get to your goals and helping you understand along the way. This is review #48 and the reason i even emailed lightenup fitness on the contact us page to begin with was due to these reviews at the time. it was around 40 plus all 5 stars back in OCT 2016. Its very rare to find this in almost anything since people are generally brutally honest. So i figured i had nothing to lose and to see what it was all about. I am glad i did, Lightenup has helped me get my life back on track and give me the tools and knowledge to stay on track the rest of my life.