Personal Training

LightenUp Lifestyle provides physical education as a major component of our lifestyle improvement program
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Personal Trainers Focused on Weight Loss

Customized Workouts

We develop individualized workouts that set you up for success.

We start off slow, giving you workouts that are achievable and pain-free for the days that follow.

Discover Your Passion

Your personal trainer will help you move beyond your local gym and into something that you truly enjoy. Even if you never considered yourself an athlete, your coach will provide you the guidance and support to help you find a passion you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life.

Workout Where You Want

Who said you must workout at the “gym”? The ability to incorporate exercise is available anywhere you wish . Learn how simple routines can be applicable at your home, hotel or outside.

Be Accountable

When you are accountable to someone else, your probability for success improves greatly. Our health coaches will be that person to which you are accountable. They will help you stay motivated when you are struggling to find your why.

More than Exercise

If you have tried all sorts of programs from restrictive diets to extensive exercise, you realize that weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle is more than just a good workout. At LightenUp, we focus on the whole person, supporting you nutritionally, physically and emotionally.

Part of a Larger Program

We recognize personal training alone does not make for a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes we have to relearn the basics and find our motivation, which is why every member receives nutritional and emotional support.