No More Fad Diets!

Nutritional Guidance

  • Your health coach will work with you to develop meal plans you can live with.
  • No weight loss suplements required or sold. We'll help you understand your nutritional needs through real foods.

Physically Advice

  • Customized weight loss programs based on your specific needs and fitness level.
  • Educate you on proper form and routine which you can do anywhere.

Emotional Support

  • Help you find the motivation to change your life for the better.
  • Develop tools to help you overcome the barriers to your success.

Weight Loss That Works!

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We Get It, Because We Help Our Members Overcome It!

Proven Weight Loss Program

Nutritional Guidance

No More Weight Loss Supplements or Pre-Packaged Meals!

We work with your existing food and drink choices. If you eat out a lot, we can work with that. If you want to eat with your family and not be nutritionally isolated, we can work with that.

First, we identify where you are today from a nutritional standpoint. Next, we make small manageable changes to your diet to get you on a better track nutritionally.

All of our guidance is based off of academic research around diets that last.

Physical Advice

No More "No Pain, No Gain" Mantras!

Within the comfort of our 4500 sqft fitness center, you will be able to workout by yourself or with others who are on a similar journey. We do not believe in the no pain no gain mind set. We believe in an approach to exercise that first starts with creating a solid foundation of muscle before moving onto more extreme exercises.

Emotional Support

Believe in Yourself, Again!

We work with you in a one-on-one private setting to help you overcome the various shortfalls we experience while on a weight loss journey, such as negative self-talk, putting others before your own needs, justifications of unhealthy behaviors, etc.

We will guide you through specific areas of your life that will help you identify the roles you play, the people who are part of your support network and the reason behind the choices we make.

Program Support Typical Weight Loss Center Typical Fitness Center LightenUp Lifestyle
Nutritional Guidance Without Weight Loss Supplements or Pre-Packaged FoodsNoNoYes
Physical Advice that Walks You Through Specific Weight Loss Workouts.NoNoYes
One-on-One Emotional Support Which Helps You Overcome the Various Barriers to Long-Term Weight Loss.NoNoYes