Remote Lifestyle & Weight Loss Coaching

Virtual Coaching

From the comfort of your home or work, meet with your personal health coach who will help you accomplish your specific lifestyle and health goals using our proprietary lifestyle improvement program.

Phase 1 : Education

Learn everything there is to know about a healthy lifestyle. Create nutritional meals for you, your family and friends. Understand how to construct a functional workout routine that is built for your success and safety. Develop the emotional skills and tools necessary to overcome the frustrations and challenges that come with change.

Phase 2: Re-Enforcement

Now that you have learned what there is to know about adopting a healthier lifestyle, your health coach will help you re-enforce the lessons you learned during Phase 1.

Phase 3: Sustainability

Too often we oscilate between one extreme lifestyle to another. In the end, we never learn how to live in the gray which allows us to sustain for the long term. During this phase, your health coach will help you understand what the lifestyle you want to live looks and feels like for the long term and modify, if necessary.

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Proven Weight Loss Program
Features Comparison Our LightenUp Lifestyle Improvement Program Others Virtual Coaching Platforms
Dedicated Health Coach That Knows You and Your TendenciesDedicated coach that meets with you via phone and availabe via text.App-Based Communications in a group chat or individual chat setting
How long can I try before I am locked in to the program?30 days14 days
What happens if I want to change my membership? Or have questions about billing?Your health coach is your one stop shopFill out a form on their website and wait for a response.
Develop a Nutritional Understand of All FoodsYour Health Coach teaches you how to analyze the nutritional values of all foods on your own.Reliance upon an app to tell you what is calorically high-density or low-density foods.
Understand your current physical conditioning and develop a workout that meets your needs.YesStandardized Email Describing Your Workout
Dedicated health coach available via phone to help you through the temptations and relapses you will experience as you adopt a healthier lifestyle.YesAvailable via a chat room or messaging app.